4 Ways the French Date Differently Than Americans


As if the French haven't already mastered the art of cooking, entertaining, skincare, and balancing work with life, it turns out they have a knack for dating, too. It should come as no surprise that residents of what is arguably the most romantic destination in the world know how to woo one another. According to Jamie Cat Callan, author of Parisian Charm School, the secret is in the charm. "We live in uncharming times, and if we bring a little more charm into the world, we will all be living in a better place," she recently told Well+Good. While it may seem as though charm comes naturally to Parisians, Callan maintains that it is something that everyone can create in their lives. Ditch the dating app, and take note of the secrets to dating that the French already know. Here's exactly how to date like a true Parisian, according to Callan.

Make It a Group Date

It is far more common for French people to go out with friends in groups and host dinner parties than it is for them to spend an evening alone with a date for dinner or drinks. These group dates are often quite casual and help take the pressure off a first date.

Wear Conversation Starters

When it comes to French fashion, less is always more, but Callan explains the French often see their accessories as conversation starters and a way to initiate flirting. "Never look like you're trying. But you must try," she says. Put this into practice by slowing removing outwear like gloves or a scarf to build anticipation on a date or wearing one high-quality statement item.

Be Mysterious

Americans tend to have a habit of saying too much too quickly, but Callan says that French think slowly revealing yourself is better. You can leave them wanting more by taking time to think before sharing personal stories.

Take It Slow

Slow is the name of the game. Whether it's slowly removing a scarf or slowly sharing pieces of yourself. According to Callan, the French don't hurry anything—especially not dating. They feel moving slowing can create a deeper gratitude for life and a deeper connection with significant others. Adopt this lifestyle by spacing out dates but also by giving in to long, slow conversations that may extend an evening longer than planned.

Head to Well+Good for more French-approved dating advice.

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