How to De-Stress When You're Surrounded by People, According to Science

While the holidays are a time of celebration, the pressure of playing hostess for days on end can definitely give rise to some stress. And, as clinical psychologist Mindy Greenstein points out, our bodies aren't designed to experience prolonged periods of stress and tension. "The body is set up to have short bursts, get out of harm’s way, and get back to normal," said Greenstein to Real Simple. "In the case of prolonged stress, you don’t get that respite, and the body continues churning out cortisol," also known as the "stress hormone."

If this sounds all too familiar, never fearthere are some subtle, science-backed ways to relieve stress, even when you're hosting a house full of people. Option one: unwind with some calming tea, like chamomile or Serenity Now from David's Tea, in moments of chaos. Research out of the University of London actually found that people who drank black tea were able to de-stress more quickly than those who drank a tea substitute.

At the very least, drinking tea can actually distract you from the chaos surrounding you and give your brain a much-needed break. "Even if your tea choice isn't scientifically backed, the act of brewing and sipping can be enough to take your mind away from family tension," concludes Real Simple.

How do you relax and unwind in a pinch? Share your experience below!