Cut Through Clutter Fast by Adding This Item to Your Home


ACP/Trunk Archive

With spring fast approaching, our minds have already turned to warm-weather refreshes and, of course, spring-cleaning. But as with home-cooked meals and workouts, finding time to truly deep-clean every inch of your home or apartment can be difficult—especially when you factor in work and family time.

To clear clutter and implement some sort of organizational structure in a pinch, Apartment Therapy suggests adding a wastebasket to every main room in your home. Hear the site out: "Decluttering and keeping your life free of unneeded things is more about making the process as uncomplicated and friction-less as possible," writes home editor Adrienne Breaux. "The trick for making this work (and to avoid the [wastebaskets] becoming clutter piles themselves) is scheduling a consistent time each week to deal with each."

If paper-strewn desks, old magazines, and leftover mail are a consistent issue, placing a chic yet discreet wastebasket that doubles as a home accent in each room may be the answer (we love this one from Menu). However, many professional organizers consider baskets, trash bins, and organizational knickknacks to be clutter themselves. If you agree with the latter camp, consider tucking wastebaskets away in a cabinet or pull-out drawer.

How do you keep clutter under control in your home? Share your thoughts with us below!