This Is How You Eradicate Clutter Once and for All

We all know that clearing the clutter improves our health (even though science says messy people are smarter) not to mention our productivity, but with the busy lifestyles we lead, who has the time? According to organizational expert Carly Waters, you need to adopt the “do it as you go” approach (that’s how we keep our home tidy every day) and “edit, edit, edit.” If you think this sounds like a chore, Waters says you have to change your psychology around it and instead “think of organizing as an active sport.” She adds, “Organizing is not the same thing as cleaning; it’s about editing your inventory down to a minimal list of items that you love and use on a daily basis.”

Before you embark on your organizational spree, we tapped Waters for a comprehensive step-by-step approach, along with her favorite storage solutions, for every room of the house. If you’re starting from scratch (and feeling a little overwhelmed at how much there is to clear), we recommend tackling one room at a time. Good luck!