Ask Estee: How-To Decorate a Hallway

_promo Q. What are some creative ideas for decorating my hallways? The decor of hallways, especially wide ones, are something my clients always seem to be perplexed by. Is it a room or not? Does it require furniture or accessories? Can I just ignore it and pretend it doesn't exist? My advice: treat it as if it's an additional room.
Start with the walls: Add a great patterned wallpaper to bring interest to the space and inject it with its own unique personality. Also consider hanging your favorite photos or artwork in a gallery-like setting. Adding interest to the walls will make you and your guests want to pause and take in the beauty of the space instead of just treating it as a pass-through. Accessorize: Take the opportunity to create a visual experience in the space! If you have the room, don't shy away from adding a bench or pair of chairs with a small table placed in between them. Adding a conversation space or vignette will give the hallway more of a purpose. Always consider using a runner or accent rug, and adding an interesting light fixture. This will further contribute to the room-like effect. Essentially, you want to try and create moments of interest in the space; something that is visually pleasing and engaging. This way, the hallway is no longer just a functional space, but a focal point. estee-signature-layout Photograph: Justin Coit