How Can I Maximize My Small Space?

 _promo Q. Can you share some tips for maximizing small spaces? Styling and decorating a small space can be equally as intimidating as designing a large one. There are several things to remember so you can maximize the utility and functionality of your compact space, without sacrificing any beauty. The key to tiny rooms is making sure every piece you bring in serves multiple purposes.
Incorporate Sneaky Storage: Choosing pieces that can store items, while also functioning as decorative furniture, is a great way to incorporate additional space into your place. Items like a stylish trunk used as a coffee table or side tables with drawers and doors can help maximize the room. Or try skirted side tables, as they will conceal items that you don't use daily. Make Seating Serve Dual Purposes: Double duty seating is another key factor to consider. A sleeper sofa is a fabulous item to save square footage while upping the utility factor. An ottoman used as a coffee table becomes another place to perch if you're hosting guests. Stylish stools will also work as great side tables, plus you can move them around and repurpose them as seating, if the situation calls for it. Above All, Be Mindful: Consider the utility of each item you bring in the room and how well it functions for you and your family. A beautiful side chair or decorative table are wonderful pieces, but they may just take up too much space and prevent you from having an item you truly need, like extra storage. Do you have a question for Estee? Share your thoughts in the comments below or tweet them at @DomaineHome with the hashtag #AskEstee. estee-signature-layout Photograph: Reid Rolls