Here's How to Fill Your Home's Empty or Awkward Corners

In my opinion, empty corners in your home are like dead weight. Having a beautifully decorated room is fantastic, but empty and lonely spaces tend to stick out like a sore thumb when everything else is perfectly placed and balanced. To prevent these visual roadblocks, fill these areas with sculptural and visually pleasing pieces that are dynamic and intriguing enough to stand alone. Here's How to Fill Empty or Awkward Corners in Your Home Add In Some Green:  To introduce an organic element, I like to place plants in a "dead" corner. Their leaves and branches help take up space while adding height to your décor and drawing the eye up. A potted plant placed in a seagrass basket or ceramic vessel also provides an opportunity to inject a new texture into the room's design. Add Sculptural Seating: I also love a great vintage chair in the corner of a room. Accent chairs can make any room just that much better. Empty nooks and corners are a great place to use a sculptural piece that you may not want to sit in, but is beautiful to gaze at. Add A Round Table: Topped with an eye-catching lamp and framed family photos, a great round table makes a room feel even more inviting and provides an opportunity to display decorative accessories and objects with special meaning. Tuck a small stool or ottoman underneath for a layered look. Do you have a question for Estee? Tweet it to us @DomaineHome with the hashtag #AskEstee. estee-signature-layout Photograph: Kemble Interiors photographed by Zach DeSart