Good Question: How Do I Brighten Up a Dark Room?

_promo2 (5) Q. How can I brighten up my dark basement? If you're fortunate enough to have a finished basement in your home, you know how much value that adds to the living space you have. But how do you brighten up a space like this, or any dark area of your home, without major construction? My advice is to lighten up your entire design palette.
Paint It Light: Keep the paint light and bright throughout the space. The lighter the walls, trim, and ceiling are, the more light they reflect, thus making the space feel brighter and larger. Paints with a slight gloss or pearlized finish reflect even more light and are perfect in these areas. Lighten The Furniture: Keep the tones in the furniture and upholstery in the space on the light, monochromatic side. Plushy area rugs with a thick pile will introduce a sense of coziness and warmth and when used in light colors, further add airiness to the space. Mirrored accents will help reflect all of the light you do have and create more through their shimmering surfaces. Use Layered Lighting: Another tip to keep it light is to literally, keep it light! Creating lighting zones with table lamps, floor lamps, sconces, and ceiling fixtures is extremely important. Make sure and have both task lighting for reading and writing, and ambient lighting to create a brighter atmosphere overall. Implement these tips, and your basement won't feel like a dark, dreary afterthought. It will be a livable and enjoyable addition to your home overall! Have a design dilemma of your own? Tweet us your questions for Estee at @DomaineHome with the hashtag #AskEstee estee-signature-layout Photograph: Reid Rolls