10 Things the French Always Do When Decorating

French interiors exude a certain je ne sais quoi. French people have a flair for refined yet effortless homes. Their spaces might be chic, but they’re always welcoming and never precious. They’re classic but with a modern edge. And while the French feature pieces from some of the most iconic designers of the 20th century, their design never feels ostentatious. In other words, French apartments are just like the effortless style of Parisian women—simple and timeless.

So how do French women achieve the perfect tension between different styles, periods, and formalities? We tapped the expertise of Constance Gennari, Parisian founder of The Socialite Family, a website that features the homes of everyday French families. Having visited and photographed the homes of hundreds of smart and discerning Parisians, she has a lot to say on the matter. We weren’t disappointed. Find out what makes French décor so covetable and how to achieve the look yourself.