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18 Living Room Wall Decorating Ideas That Suit Any Style

Living room with abstract art

Simply Grove

Sure, minimalism is having its moment, but a large empty wall in your living room can make the rest of the space feel unfinished. One of the best ways to boost your home's wow-factor is with a great statement piece of wall art. And good news for those with unfinished wall décor: there are many ways to fill a wall, and some simple fixes can be accomplished in just an afternoon.

An oversized painting or photograph is a great way to decorate a wall, along with countless other ideas that work with any décor style. If you're hunting for new ways to decorate your living room, look no further. We rounded up some great living room wall decorating inspo for your next home makeover.

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Go Boho With Baskets

Living room with a basket

 Modernly You

When it comes to creating a boho eclectic vibe, baskets are the cream of the crop. While a beautiful woven basket can be a great storage solution, a flattened version is perfect for filling up that empty wall space in your living room. Opt for either a single statement basket or a gallery wall with a wide variety of baskets.

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Add Colorful Fabric Art

Living room with fabric art

Alvin Wayne

This contemporary look is perfect for anyone who wants a statement piece in their living room. Here, colorful abstract art made with fabric and paint is the perfect centerpiece for a modern living room. Though the space is small, the oversized print makes it feel much larger.

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Opt for Mismatched Frames

Wall with various frames

Design: Denham Interior Design; Photo: Amy Bartlam  

A great gallery wall gets us every time, but if you want to add a bit of extra visual interest, try mixing up the frames. Pick all different styles (try a combination of vintage, ornate frames, and sleek modern ones) to create a varied look that adds a lot of texture.

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Try Picture Shelves

Living room with picture hangings

Home and Spirit

If you are a commitment-phobe, hanging a gallery wall with nails may be too much of a permanent solution for you. Here, picture ledges create a landing to display art that can be easily swapped out on a whim. This is a great choice if you like to frequently change up your look.

Brown picture ledge
Threshold Wood Ledge Wall Shelf Brown $15.00
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Go Abstract

Fireplace with abstract art over it

Amber Pierce Designs

We love this simple paint-splattered abstract print, which adds just enough visual interest to this modern living room without feeling overly busy. Plus, while you can definitely purchase a similar beautiful abstract print, this is a fairly easy DIY to achieve with a large canvas and a bit of paint.

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Rethink Wood Paneling

Desk with chevron wood wall

Ann Living

This is not your grandma's wood paneling. This chevron-striped accent wall adds a modern, eclectic look, and can really elevate your style game. Consider adding a paneled wall behind a couch or a desk if your living room doubles as an office.

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Consider an Eye-Catching Shelf

Living room with shelving unit

Arbor & Co.

These honeycomb shelves are perfect for displaying candles, small succulents, or photos, and they are so visually interesting that they act as wall art on their own. This shelf can stand alone on an otherwise empty wall and make for great wall décor.

Gold honeycomb shelf
World Market Gold And Glass Honeycomb Wall Shelf $69.99
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Go Big With an Oversized Mirror

Living room with ornate mirror

Ashley Montgomery Design

A large mirror can make your living room appear larger and brighter. This vintage mirror has ornate details that work in a vintage-inspired room or a modern space that needs a bit of warmth—whatever the setting, it's sure to add a lot of personality.

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DIY Dried Floral Wreaths

Floral wreaths hanging from a wall

Burchard Design Co,

These DIY-able floral wreaths add a hint of romance to any wall. They're cute and simple, and they add a fresh look to your living room. These wreaths work well in a modern farmhouse-style home, but you can customize the florals to suit any design scheme.

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Create Art From Vines

Dresser with plant vines above it

Cathie Hong

Greenery is an easy way to spruce up any space, and we love this hanging vine look. You can easily customize this wall art and create various different designs using climbing plants, or go faux for a longer-lasting piece.

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Try a Woven Wall Hanging

Living room with wall hanging

Casa Watkins Living

Embrace your inner hippie and consider woven wall art. This hanging piece is created with a dowel and various colors of yarn, and can be tackled by anyone—even if you're not super crafty.

Faye Wall Hanging
Anthropologie Faye Wall Hanging $78.00
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Install Floating Shelves

Wall with floating shelves

The House on Hillside Lane

Floating shelves are perfect for decorating a living room. They are sleek and streamlined, yet provide a touch of storage or a perch to show off objects and artifacts. Keep it simple with one or two shelves, or fill an entire wall with several of them.

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Create a Great Gallery Wall

Living room with hanging prints

Home by Polly

We would be remiss if didn't include a beautiful gallery wall on a list of wall art ideas. A gallery wall is a classic way to fill up an empty wall, and you can customize the look to your tastes.

Overwhelmed by the prospect of hanging a gallery wall? This designer hack uses parchment paper to make the job much easier.

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Look to the Windows

Windows with wreaths hanging

Finding Lovely

If your living room has more windows than wall space, you can still add a bit of visual interest by hanging wreaths or dried eucalyptus over the windows. This will add a touch of warmth without blocking the natural light.

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Turn Hats Into Decor

Bench with a hat hanging above it

JC Designs

We love wall decor that is as useful as it is beautiful. If your living room connects to the entryway, hanging up stylish hats can be a great way to add personality to your room and provide easy access when you head out.

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Go Oversized

Living room with large fabric hanging

LeClair Decor

Want to really make a statement in your living room? This stunning graphic fabric art may be oversized, but because it's neutral, it doesn't dominate the room or feel too big. This is a great choice if you don't have another focal point to build your design around, such as a fireplace.

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Add Built-Ins

Living room with built-ins

Pure Salt Interiors

One of the most elegant ways to transform an empty wall is by adding built-in units. Built-ins give a room a lot of charm and truly elevate the space. Though this is often a project for a professional, it's well worth the money to take your living room to the next level.

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Add Texture

Living room with textured wall

Michelle Boudreau Design

For those who love contemporary style, this textured wall is a great option for sprucing up an empty space. The diamond-patterned accent wall creates a lot of depth in the space and is definitely a conversation starter.