5 Items to Ditch If You Want Your Home to Look More Stylish

Whether it's a tiny 200-square-foot apartment or an expansive Spanish colonial home, some spaces just have an effortless cool factor that's hard to pinpoint. To find out exactly what sets a well-styled space apart from the rest, we consulted a Los Angeles-based interior designer who has a penchant for decorating striking homes that give us serious chills (in a good way): Joyce Downing Pickens of JDP Interiors.

The number one thing the designer notices when she walks into a stylish space? Unique curated pieces. "I love to walk into a home and see that someone has their own individual aesthetic and design perspective and that they've collected uncommon furniture pieces that speak to them," Pickens tells MyDomaine. Of course, curating impeccable pieces is easier said than done, so we asked the designer to help us edit down what we already own.

Ahead, the interior designer reveals the one item to ditch from every room to instantly make your entire home look more stylish (and the items to replace them with instead).