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How to Incorporate Crystals Into Your Home Décor


Sarah Brown

If there is one thing every home needs more of, it’s positive energy, which is just one reason to consider decorating with crystals. While some people think crystals are a little out there, there is an established reason their energy works. It’s called the piezoelectric effect, which, to simplify, means crystals can change the form of energy. For example, the quartz in watches converts electricity (the battery) into mechanical energy (the hands moving). Computer chips and some other electronics also contain quartz. 

So, while there’s no real way to prove that amethyst is healing and citrine brings money, if pretty rocks are the chicest placebo ever, I’ll gladly subscribe. 

Whether you choose whole stones or accessories accented with crystals, the beauty of these rocks is that they’re all one of a kind.

Where to Start

If you want to collect crystals and don’t know where to start, I highly recommend The Urban + The Mystic. They offer a variety of themed boxes, each containing a curation of crystals and other accessories like sage and candles. This brand takes the intimidation factor out of finding crystals. While you can’t really choose the wrong one, they make it as simple as possible and packages it all in a chic, reusable wood box. 

For example, if you move into a new home, the House Blessing Box has everything the space needs including two rough rose quartz crystals for unconditional love, black tourmaline for protection, amethyst to bring about positivity, and a handmade onyx bowl.

There are also boxes for special occasions like birthdays, needs including heart healing, and specific purposes such as meditation. 

Choosing a crystal is also about your intention and what you’re trying to attract. While all crystals are beautiful, it’s best to choose one based on its properties. However, if you find yourself particularly drawn to a specific rock, even aesthetically, then that’s the one you should choose. There’s a reason why you’re attracted to it. 

What to Do When You Get Your Crystals

While some crystals come cleansed and pre-charged, I still like to do it myself when I receive them. I just run my crystals over tap water and dry them off with a fresh dishtowel. Then, I leave them out on my balcony overnight in the moonlight. If you don’t have outdoor space, leave them by the window that’s exposed to the most moonlight. 

You can use a selenite charging plate to charge your new crystals. Selenite is a unique crystal because it’s always charged and charges the crystals around it.

You can also use a selenite charging plate. Selenite is a unique crystal because it’s always charged and charges the crystals around it. From a decorative standpoint, the color is also a great neutral. Because selenite is helpful for sleeping, I leave my selenite plate on my nightstand. 

Where to Put Stones

There are no specific rules, but it’s best to keep stones where their specific energy will serve you in the highest way possible. For example, both citrine and aventurine are associated with prosperity, so it would be wise to keep those stones where you like to work. I have one of each on my desk. 

Rose quartz, on the other hand, attracts love, making it an ideal stone for the bedroom or even living room. 

You can keep stones on tables, shelves, mantles, etc. You will know the right place for your stone when you find it.