7 Subtle Mistakes That Instantly Cheapen Your Bathroom

A spacious, well-organized bathroom is truly life-changing. Take it from an editor who's moved 10 times in 10 years and tested out all kinds of bathrooms to varying degrees of amazingness (or lack thereof). A great bathroom should, of course, be visually pleasing, but most importantly, it should serve its purpose well: adequate storage for everything from bath products to towels, lighting that serves the tasks performed in a bathroom, and finishes that are resistant to humid environments.

No one likes having their medicine cabinet so packed that everything falls out as soon as you take out your moisturizer, or applying makeup in their bathroom just to find out upon walking out that they've caked on too much foundation due to poor lighting. Thankfully, we have interior designers who make it their life mission to be a resource for everything there is to know about designing a bathroom. Are you making these bathroom decorating mistakes? Find out from the best, and learn their clever solutions, below.