This Is How a Life Advisor Wants You to Destress Before the Holidays

As much anticipation and expectations that the holidays bring, it can be a challenge to simply slow down and actually enjoy them. Spending time with extended family, gathering up gifts, and carefully preparing home-cooked meals isn't always the walk in the park that it seems when you're stuck in the office, daydreaming about being on holiday. In fact, one of the most difficult parts of the holiday season is allowing yourself to wind down and let the daily stress and mental energy that work can demand melt away.

"We forget to be still and allow ourselves to recharge," celebrity life advisor and relationship expert Suzannah Galland explains. It's all too easy to get caught up in family drama or to let thoughts of a full email inbox deter you from staying in the present moment. "Without time to recharge, we are likely to burn out—and fast," she continues. That's why it's so important to de-stress before the holidays so that you can truly relax and enjoy time spent away from work while you can.

Easier said than done, but Galland has a few tips for detoxing your mind from daily stress. From planning ahead and meditating to staying off your phone and relishing in your downtime, there are many strategies for getting to most out of time spent away from work. Armed with her advice, you'll be on your way to a relaxing, rejuvenating break from work and your usual responsibilities. Here are seven ways to de-stress before the holidays that you can start working on right now.