Detoxing Your Home? These 4 Items Should Be the First to Go

Updated 01/12/18

If you've made the decision to go all-natural, then chances are you've made some changes around your home as well. Seemingly innocuous objects that we all keep in our homes are actually filled with chemicals that can "contaminate our air and even act as neurotoxins, reproductive toxins, developmental toxins, and endocrine disruptors in the body," writes Sophia Gushée, author of A to Z of D-Toxing, on MindBodyGreen. With that said, there are some small, realistic steps we can take to rid our homes of these unhealthy ingredients. Consider tossing the following four items from your home in the name of detoxing:

1. Plastic food and beverage containers: Aside from being environmentally unfriendly, plastic containers can actually "leach chemicals like hormone-disrupting BPA and phthalates." Replace them with glass or stainless-steel containers.

2. Conventional moisturizers: Your medicine cabinet isn't exempt from this purge—many of the beauty and skincare products we use are "infused with chemicals that can disrupt our biology," she writes. Instead, consult the Environmental Working Group's Safe Cosmetics database when buying natural personal care products.

3. Air fresheners: Though it may seem counterintuitive, air fresheners release chemicals into the air along with refreshing scents. "Both aerosols and plug-in air fresheners can contain hundreds of chemicals," Gushée writes. "Since companies aren't required to disclose all their ingredients, it's nearly impossible to know what they're putting in the air."

4. Vinyl shower curtains: Made with toxic chemicals like lead, mercury, and phthalates, "vinyl, or PVC, is considered one of the most toxic plastics for our health and the health of the planet," explains Gushée.

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