This Australian Nutritionist Shares Her Tips on Navigating a Breakfast Buffet

If you're a fan of the hotel breakfast buffet (who isn't?) but still want to fit into your high-waisted jeans post-trip, you're not alone. As disciplined as you might try to be, there's something irresistible about being presented with a feast fit for royalty—especially when it's included in your trip package, right? If like us, you're all about indulging within moderation, you can thank INF / Network member and nutritionist, Jessica Sepel for sharing her tips on how to successfully navigate a hotel breakfast buffet. Her main suggestion? "Take a moment [before you attack the food] to tune into what you feel like eating and ensure you sit down with that plate of food, knowing you can always have a little more later."

Sepel also reminds us that completely foregoing our cravings isn't always the best strategy, "Deprivation will make you want it all the more. My suggestion is always starting the meal with a satiating breakfast and enjoy the sweeter things later on in moderate amounts if you even still feel like it. More often than not, once you're full of the more healthy options you won't even want to sweets."

See how Sepel tackles hotel breakfast buffets below.

  • "I usually start with a bowl of fresh fruit, mostly berries and my daily coffee—usually one shot of espresso with a dash of hot milk."
  • "Then I'll fill up on a protein-rich option: Usually, I go straight to the egg station and order a two-egg omelette (or poached/boiled eggs) with sautéed veggies, avocado, and one slice of rye/sourdough or gluten-free toast."
  • "Alternatively, I start with one cup of Greek yoghurt with added nuts, seeds, cinnamon, berries, papaya, and sliced banana. Sometimes I actually bring my own granola to hotels and add this to my yoghurt."
  • "If it is cold, I will try a bowl of oats with added Greek yoghurt, cinnamon, nuts, seeds, and berries."

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