How to End Any Argument in Just One Step

The Atlantic published an article outlining the new array of debate trump cards that will end an argument before it even begins. According to The Atlantic, “the art of debate avoidance” is all about refusing to engage. Feel or feign outrage and silence your opponent’s remark by declaring the comment entirely out of bounds. Not only does this put an end to a potentially long and drawn-out debate, but it also eliminates the chance for a rebuttal. The Atlantic recommends the following tactics:

• Make your counterpart feel like a terrible person by stating that they are slut-shaming or victim-blaming. 

• Throw your opponent some shade by calling them the PC thought police, and then slam your laptop before you walk away.

So the next time someone says something aggravating like "You watch too much Law and Order: SVU," don't get angry. Just respond by saying, "How dare you question my commitment to learning about domestic violence?" Then watch your counterpart's face freeze in disbelief as they are left stumbling for words.

Read the full article at The Atlantic, and share your thoughts on these debate trump cards in the comments below!