How to Ensure Your Next Event Is a Well-Attended Success

Although I’ve thrown more parties than I can remember, the hour before an event, I am always plagued by one intense fear: What if no one comes? Sure, plenty of guests have RSVP’ed that they’ll be there, but these days, many people are commitmentphobes who may decide not to come at the last minute. That’s why a recent Inc. article about how to ensure your event is well-attended caught my eye.

Author Minda Zetlin spoke with Tim Raybould, CEO of an online ticket-selling and event-marketing platform called TicketLeap. Raybould “took a look at thousands of sold out events on TicketLeap to figure out what they have in common. Crunching the numbers, he and his team found some elements that all these successful events had in common.” Here’s how he recommends you pack your party with people and make your event—be it the company holiday party, a product launch, a blowout benefit, or interesting talk—a memorable success.

  1. Book a small room. According to Raybould’s research, the average size of a sold-out event is 35 people. The space you hold the event in should be designed to allow 30 to 40 guests. If you throw the party in a space that can fill 100 people, the room will seem empty, and your guests may end up feeling uncomfortable.
  2. Set a low limit on attendees. Keep a cap on the number of people who can attend. Turning people away will make the event feel more exclusive. Plus, a smaller guest list will ensure that the party sells out. Says Raybould, “Smaller events are simply great for building connections and growing communities. Selling out feels good! The space you booked will feel full, and with a sold-out event under your belt, it will be easier to bring in more people next time."
  3. Consider holding your event during the day. Although certain parties will have to be at night, if you can, host yours at a time when other people aren’t hosting—during the day. The most popular time for a party is in the early evening hours of 6 to 8 p.m. If you’re planning an event during these hours, you’ll have to work harder to ensure people are there. This is crucial to note during a busy party time, like the holiday season. Instead of throwing a cocktail party on Saturday night when your friends and family members are likely to have multiple invites, why not host a Christmas brunch on Sunday morning instead?
  4. Facebook is your friend. Allowing people to share your event on Facebook will ensure that it sells out.
  5. Announce your event at least a month in advance. According to TicketLeap, sold-out events sell their first ticket 32 days before the event. Inviting people at least a month in advance will allow for social media buildup time.
  6. Don’t stress over ticket pricing. None of TicketLeap’s statistics showed that the cost of a ticket negatively affects attendance. Your cost should be reasonable within your industry.

If you’re in charge of hosting this year’s holiday party, get more tips by reading Entertaining by Internet influencer Camille Styles.

How do you ensure your events are well attended?