Yes, It's Possible to Shop for a Handyman Online—Here's How

Whether you've recently purchased a fixer-upper in dire need of a total gut job or you just need a few frames and shelves installed in your rental apartment, finding the right person for the job (who's not your uncle with questionable renovating skills) can be a challenge. With Google bombarding you with local ads, how can you actually pick someone that's reliable, efficient, and skilled?

Speaking handyman lingo and knowing what red flags to look for when you can barely drill a hole in the wall yourself can be a daunting experience, so we tapped a few experts who are well versed in hiring contractors, electrician, and plumbers. How can you make sure that you're not getting taken for a ride with pricing? How do you ensure that the project stays on budget and on time? What do you ask when interviewing a contractor? Don't hire a handyman without doing your due diligence—this road map will help.