How to Properly Fold Your Fitted Sheets Every Time

how to fold fitted sheets

Anne Sage

Ah, fitted sheets... the nemesis to any laundry-doer's folding abilities. Upon seeing a fitted sheet, how many of us give it a few half-hearted creases, then toss it behind the neatly-stacked towels and pillowcases?

But it doesn't have to be this way! Keep reading to learn why you should fold your fitted sheets, how to fold them the right way, and discover some extra tips and tricks to keep your linen closet organized. And by the end of it, there's a pretty good chance that you'll be one step closer to conquering the world of folding fitted sheets.

Why You Should Fold Your Fitted Sheets

how to fold a fitted sheet bed with sheets

Amy Bartlam

Your current approach to 'folding' your fitted sheets may entail a haphazard fold-and-smush until it fits in your linen closet—and that's okay—but you can do better. Folding your fitted sheets the right way probably isn't life-changing, but it's certainly linen-closet-changing.

The biggest advantage to folding your fitted sheets is that folded sheets save space. Uniformly folded linens maximize space in your linen storage area and keep it looking neat and tidy. Neatly-folded fitted sheets also minimize extra creases and wrinkles, making those sheets look hotel-quality once they've been spread on your bed. Also, smoother sheets just feel more comfortable.

Finally, properly folded fitted sheets give you that feeling of a job well done. Sure, you don't have to fold your fitted sheets, but once you have, you can't help but feel proud of yourself.

Before You Begin

how to fold a fitted sheet linen closet

Neat by Meg

Before you get started perfectly folding your fitted sheet, make sure you have space to stretch your arms out! Your teeny-tiny linen closet is not the place to try to do this. Additionally, make sure your sheet is clean and dry—a folded damp sheet will smell and get mildewy, and there's a chance any other linens nearby will do the same.

Step 1: Find The Corners

First things first: find all four corners of your sheet. Corners can sometimes 'hide' on fitted sheets, so look for especially angular bits sticking out, or try and find the seams where corners are stitched together. Hold the sheet so that two of the corners are near your hands.

Step 2: Place Your Hands

Next, place your hands inside the top two corners, at the seams. The sheet should be inside-out, and the inside of the sheet (AKA, the part that faces the mattress) should now be facing you.

Step 3: Flip It Around

Now, take the sheet corner of your right hand and bring it to your left. Then grab the right corner and flip it over your left. This top corner should now be right-side-out, and both corners of the fitted sheet should be in your left hand. Adjust the two corners so that they're aligned over each other.

If your right hand isn't your dominant hand, you can switch this process around. Your right hand can be the hand that holds all the corners, while your left is the one grabbing and tucking the sheets.

Step 4: Keep Tucking

how to fold a fitted sheet gray queen bed

Amy Bartlam

Still with us? Good. We'll be repeating the previous step, but with a twist! While still holding those first two corners, find the third corner and tuck the other two corners into it. Your left hand should now be holding three corners, all tucked into the third corner.

Step 5: One Last Time

The tricky bits are nearly done! Grab the final fourth corner and bring it to your left hand, flipping the corner over the other corners so that the fourth corner is no longer inside out. You should now have all four corners in one hand, and the fourth corner should be on top.

Step 6: Finishing Folds

Once all four corners are tucked into each other, you should have an L-shaped line of elastic on the sheet. Place the fitted sheet onto a flat surface, smooth it out and fold off the edges. Then fold it into your desired size and shape.

Another Way To Fold Fitted Sheets

how to fold a fitted sheet quilted bedding

Anne Sage

If you have a large table or other flat surface available, try out this method from TikTok. Here's what you'll do:

  1. Lay out the fitted sheet with the interior of it facing you.
  2. Place a hand in the outside of each of the bottom corners, pushing out the corner seam.
  3. Tuck the bottom left corner into the top left corner of the fitted sheet, and the bottom right corner into the top right corner of the sheet.
  4. Pick up the tucked sheet and shake it out to make sure it's even.
  5. Fold the elastic part of the fitted sheet in to create a rough square.
  6. Fold the top third down and bottom third of the sheet up, smoothing it as you go along.
  7. Your fitted sheet should now be long and skinny. Fold each side in to the middle point of the sheet, then fold in half for a nice, neat fitted sheet!

Keeping Your Linen Closet Organized

how to fold a fitted sheet linen closet

Breathing Room Organization and Styling

Now that your fitted sheets are neatly folded and stored away, it's time to make sure the rest of your linen closet is just as organized. Follow a few of these tips for a linen closet that will be in shape in no time.

  • Keep similar items together. When organizing your linen closet, group items that are similar (whether by form or function) together. Your closet will look more put-together, and it will be easier to grab what you need!
  • Break out the baskets. We all have a small collection of stained towels and washcloths that are vital for cleaning up messes, but they're a lot less wanted when it comes to seeing their frayed and beat-up selves on the shelves of your linen closet. The solution? Keep them in some matching baskets! Baskets provide some much-needed visual appeal, and they'll hide your rag-tag bunch of old towels.
  • Don't forget the door! You're probably wasting much-needed linen closet space and don't even realize it! Use the back of your closet door to hang racks to store extra towels, or hang shelves to keep toiletries and other small sundries.