How to Score a Table at the Hottest Restaurant in Town

Earlier today, I was trying to figure out where to dine on Saturday night. A friend is visiting from out of town, and we will be a party of four gals ready to celebrate the season in style. After brainstorming a few possible restaurants, I thought of the perfect place: Trestle, this amazing spot that serves three insanely delicious courses with a set menu at an affordable price point. It’s also hot, new, and fun, and chances of me scoring a reservation for four less than a week in advance were slim. I tried, but to no avail. However, there are few ways to get a reservation at even the most wildly popular restaurant in town. The key is to be savvy and friendly—the host should be your new best friend! Wondering how to get into that hot spot with the incredibly long wait? Here’s how you do it.

Have you recently scored a table at a hot spot? How did you do it?