Travel Insiders Are Hitting Up This "Secret Weapon" Website for Cheap Flights

Updated 10/27/17
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We're currently building our travel bucket lists for 2018, and "budget-friendly" always places high on our list of requirements. It goes without saying that we can never have enough cheap flight hacks, and the latest comes courtesy of Refinery29. The publication recently shared its "secret weapon" tools, and it's safe to say we're well equipped to score discount airfare for months to come.

In short, Flystein is the new travel site you need to know about. Unlike flight aggregator tools like Kayak, Hopper, or Skyscanner, Flystein is human-powered and will snag you the best possible deal without being a huge drain on your time. The search tool essentially does the internet digging for you and promises to beat the cheapest flight option you can find.

Simply submit the most affordable deal you can find on the site's Beat My Price tool, enter any specifications you may have (including times, preferred layover points, etc.) and wait for Flystein agents to get back to you with a range of cheaper itineraries. Per the customer reviews, you'll save around $100 to $250 per trip. Plus, if the savings are less than $50, Flystein will wave the $49 service charge.

Have you tried Flystein? Share your review below, and read up on the five cheapest travel destinations for 2018 next.

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