Skip the Crunches—Science Says These 3 Foods Are the Answer to a Flatter Stomach

It only takes one glance at Zara's or Reformation's summer campaigns to realize that the latest fashion trends put one part of our body on show: the stomach. If the thought of a cut-out swimsuit or crop top sends shivers down your spine, studies suggest there's another way to get a flatter stomach that doesn't involve the gym. 

Julie Meyer, RD, tells Fitness that the foods you eat can have a big impact on your stomach. She points out that certain nuts, fruit, vegetables, and meats can "boost your abs routine's effectiveness, control belly bloat, and maintain a healthy metabolism"—all aspects that contribute to a flatter stomach. Likewise, our sister site Byrdie found that some foods, like white bread and processed meat, can cause unwanted bloat and should be avoided if you want to see quicker results. 

Turns out, these are the best foods to eat (and avoid) to beat bloating.