5 Proven Tips to Land a Job From Literally Anywhere

More than ever, job applicants are searching for employment in cities, even countries, outside of where they currently call home. The whole process can be intimidating, especially if you’re unsure how to go about it without first moving to your desired destination. Because many prospective workers may be unwilling, or unable, to uproot themselves without a sure bet of employment, it’s helpful to know the secrets to landing your long-distance dream job, no matter where you presently reside. Read on!

List a local address.

Hiring managers will often use a local address, or lack thereof, as a quick way to weed out applicants. Have a friend or family member who lives in the city? List that address on your CV! It will make you appear accessible and readily available. Just make sure you actually are, should an interview opportunity arise. If you don’t have a friend or family member nearby, consider skipping including your address altogether. These days, a simple email address won’t necessarily raise any immediate red flags.

Identify specific companies.

This goes for any job search, but finding a job based on employer rather than a blanket search is a much more reliable way to find something you really love. Search LinkedIn for skill keywords desired by companies in your city of choice, and flag any employers who seem interesting to you. Research their profiles and some profiles of their employees to determine a list of companies that you’re interested in and inspired by.

Find two points of contact.

A hiring manager or someone in HR and your would-be boss are great people to try to be in touch with. LinkedIn, once again, is a great tool for contacting these individuals. Most companies follow a standard model of formatting email addresses (for example, firstname.lastname@companyname.com), so pay attention to patterns, and do your best to guess!

Reach out.

If you can’t find an email address (which is the ideal way to contact someone), then go ahead and reach out via a private LinkedIn message. Speak from the heart. Talk about how inspired you are by her work and company, and see if she would be willing to chat with you, just informationally. Rather than inquiring if there are open positions, express your passions first and foremost. A job opportunity just may follow.

Just say yes.

Best-case scenario? You land an interview. Don’t belabor the next step. Just say yes, and then get to figuring out your travel arrangements (especially if you’ve listed the city as your place of residence!).

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