Now You Know: This Is the Secret to Beating Jet Lag

While traveling to far-flung destinations and exploring the cultural hot spots of the world is always on our must-do list, there's one thing we dread every time: jet lag. That out-of-body experience and groggy post-flight haze combined with an unknown territory (and sometimes a foreign language, too) can be incredibly overwhelming and has been known to ruin the first few days of vacation time, especially if you have to sleep it off. Obviously, this isn't ideal when you only have one week off work.

So how do you combat the loathsome effects of jet lag? For the answer, we turned to our most trusted travel insiders: our readers. Their combined wanderlust far exceeds our own, and as many of them travel long-distance for work, we knew they'd have a few tips and tricks up their well-manicured sleeves. So without further ado, read on for some of the best (and most surprising) advice on how to beat jet lag.