How to Get Over Someone You Love

  Edward Berthelot

Getting over someone is never easy, especially if you truly loved this person. After all, your heart may be broken, you may be unable to imagine your life without this person and/or you may even still be in a bit of shock or denial about the ending of your relationship in the first place. And while you may be juggling a wide range of emotions and not know how to proceed with the rest of your life, the good news is that you can get over someone you love and open yourself up to finding the person whom you’ll never have to get over at all.

1. Grieve the Loss

In order to get over someone you love, you first have to allow yourself to be sad, disappointed, angry and/or whatever other emotions you may be experiencing. To that end, in order to get over this person, you need to truly acknowledge your feelings and mourn the loss of his or her presence in your life as well as mourn the loss of your relationship with one another. In fact, you have to give yourself permission to grieve—it’s really the initial step on your journey towards healing and finding love once again.

2. Surround Yourself With Your Friends and Family

When you’re in the process of getting over someone you love, it’s important to stay connected to the people who are genuinely close to you. And while you may be tempted to shut out the outside world, it’s important that you stay in contact with the other people in your life who matter. Not only will their love and support during this time be an extra source of strength, but their encouragement and words of wisdom can be especially meaningful during this time. Besides, you may be surprised to learn that many of them have also faced similar losses of love in their own lives, and this level of understanding and empathy can be invaluable. 

3. Remember How Strong You Are

In life’s difficult moments, you may feel as though you’re never going to get over this person. You may look at the future as bleak and grim and think that all hope is lost for finding love again with someone else. However, you have to remember just how strong you are and that you will, in fact, get through this. After all, you were strong enough to truly put yourself out there and take the leap to fall in love in the first place—and this takes guts. So no matter how hard it may seem, you should keep an optimistic outlook and take to heart that you’ll find love again.

4. Keep Doing the Activities You Love

When it comes to getting over someone you love, it’s imperative to keep engaging and participating in the activities that you really enjoy. And while you may not feel like going to your spin class, continuing with your piano lessons or playing with your softball team at this very moment, your passions, interests, and pursuits don’t end when love has ended. In fact, you owe it to yourself (and possibly your teammates) to keep doing what makes you happy, and you should stay true to yourself, believe in yourself and partake in the activities that make you who you are. Remember, life goes on, so don’t miss out. 

5. Recognize That It Takes Time to Get Over Someone

The amount of time it takes to get over someone you love is something that can’t be calculated. And while you may think that getting over someone depends upon the length of your relationship, this simply isn’t true. So whether it takes weeks, months or even years for you to fully let go and move on, you should know that there are no quick fixes to make this happen. You’ll have good days as well as bad days, and you shouldn’t feel frustrated, annoyed or disappointed if getting over this person isn’t happening as fast as you’d like—you will get there. In addition, don’t be afraid to reach for professional help during this time. After all, the more allies, help, and guidance that you have in your corner, the more ways that you’re helping yourself to move on for good in every way.

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