Have Anxiety? A Therapist Recommends Picking Up This Hobby

Updated 02/19/17

Anxiety is an indiscriminate disorder, affecting some 40 million adults in the United States, or a whopping 18% of the population. What's worse, only about one-third of those suffering from anxiety disorders receive treatment, despite it being the single most common mental illness in America.

But if traditional therapy isn't a realistic option for you, there are many ways to get a handle on your anxiety outside of a psychiatrist's office. For example, Barrie Sueskind, a licensed marriage and family therapist who specializes in anxiety, recommends picking up painting or journaling as a hobby.

Rather than logging countless hours scrolling through Twitter or Instagram, which can actually increase anxiety, log off and put your energy into something creative—doing so can actually lower your stress hormones and provide a sort of mental escape from day-to-day life, according to a study published in the Journal of the American Art Therapy Association. The best part? You don't even have to possess any sort of artistic ability to reap the benefits.

Have you used creative expression as a way to assuage anxiety? Share your experience with us below.

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