Get Rid of Anxiety and Regain Clarity With This 10-Minute Trick

Sometimes you get stuck, whether physically or mentally, and it can seem like an impossible feat to move past whatever barrier is standing in the way. Maybe it's writing the next sentence of your feature story or dealing with a stressful situation that has you paralyzed in thought. It happens to the best of us, which is why we're turning to Well + Good's recent article, which highlights a quick and easy hack for getting unstuck from self-help phenom and wellness expert Gabby Bernstein. 

You might be surprised by how easy yet effective Bernstein's tip for shaking off stress and breaking down mental blocks is to accomplish, because it only takes 10 minutes. When feeling overwhelmed or stressed, she turns to exercise—specifically a session on her mini-trampoline—which after only 10 minutes leaves her feeling "energized and at peace." How does exercise, or in Bernstein's case bouncing up and down, accomplish this? She explains that movement supports the lymphatic system, which "carries nutrients to the cells while leading away waste products. Without proper movement, it gets blocked, leaving the cells to soak in waste without nutrients. This stagnation in the body can lead to disease and speed up the aging process." Though Bernstein turns to her trampoline, the same stress-relieving sensation can be accomplished quickly and efficiently by any simple up-and-down movement, which releases mental, physical, and emotional blocks.

If you're feeling stuck or overwhelmingly stressed, turn to exercise as a fast-acting solution. It only takes 10-minutes of movement to release the tension from your body. Take it from a pro.

Too tight on space for a mini-trampoline? Pick up up a jump rope to help you achieve the same results.