The Exact Skincare Routine That Made My Forehead Lines Disappear (Without Botox)

Having a highly expressive face is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, I wear my emotions on my sleeve and have a sarcastic, straightforward sense of humor to match. On the other, I can seldom hide my true feelings (opening gifts in front of people is an issue) and, at age 27, I already have more than a few fine lines above each eyebrow. While it's not uncommon to start showing visible if not subtle signs of aging in your late 20s (I know I'm far from alone in my emerging pre-wrinkles), I've found myself growing increasingly insecure about my forehead.

Whether or not other people notice these fine lines isn't my concern; I notice them, and subsequently get annoyed of them every day when I put on my makeup, look in the mirror, and wash my face before bed. Of course, I've considered Botox. While I'm certainly not opposed, it's not within my budget right now, and the process of finding the right doctor in Manhattan feels daunting and time-consuming.