A Jet-Setting Expert Shares His Tips on How to Get Through Customs Fast

My parents taught my siblings and me how to travel like jet-setters long before we had our driver's licenses. They met in the travel industry, and my dad is still in it, which means that he follows strict rules when it comes to airports. Basically, there's no such thing as checking bags and security lines should always be a cinch. That's the case even for flights overseas—although lightly packing for two weeks and getting through customs quickly requires a little more creativity.

Since most people don't have this type of insight, customs can be a highly stressful way to get where you're going. The patience required to stand in long lines is hard enough, but there's also pesky paperwork to complete too. So instead of reaching out to my father for some tips, since he would probably tell you to stop holding up the line, I reached out to someone who knows the game too. Scott Keyes, the founder and CEO of the popular site Scott's Cheap Flights, spoke with me about how to get through customs like it's no sweat. And thanks to his advice, it really can be.

The best thing about Keyes's answers is that they're not hard to incorporate into your routine. With a little planning, you can travel like a jet-setter too.