Calling All Amateurs, Executive Chefs Are Here to Teach You Exactly How to Grill

Summer may be the best time of the year to grill, but for many of us, it's usually the best season for eating. We let someone else figure out the right temperature of the charcoals and taste-test a marinade until it has just the right consistency, as if the process is a math problem with one too many equations. And when it comes to standing over hot grates—forget it. We applaud whoever is brave enough to do something like that.

If you've spent summer after summer thinking that you have to be a master behind the grill in order to cook with it, think again. A grill is just a kitchen appliance with a better view, and by learning a few pointers, you can be a confident host who knows how to serve an entire menu on it. We asked chefs in Los Angeles and New York City to provide a step-by-step guide to grilling, from shopping and seasoning to steak and seafood. Using their advice, you'll have a "kiss the chef" apron on by Labor Day.