Here's How a Father and Educator Deals With Temper Tantrums

Temper tantrums are simply the worst. Not only do they often involve lots of tears and distressing noises, but they can seem unpredictable or worse, unstoppable, making them all the more frustrating and worrisome to deal with. If you're a parent of a toddler, then you know this all too well. And while eliminating temper tantrums completely isn't an option (sad, but true), there are definitely ways to slow them down and repurpose them into learning opportunities for both you and your child. It's all about striking the balance between accommodating their needs without spoiling them. If you're wondering how exactly that can be done, you're in good hands.

We reached out to two parenting experts, Jerry Cammarata, PhD, who was the first father in the New York City school department's history to exercise his right to paternal leave and wrote The Fun Book of Fatherhood, and Carol Tuttle, author of The Child Whisperer: The Ultimate Handbook for Raising Happy, Successful, and Cooperative Children, to learn a little more about these notorious meltdowns. 

Cammarata's first lesson? "The age for meltdowns is from birth to death," but there are definitely coping skills to be taught and learned. Read through to learn about the underlying causes of temper tantrums in toddlers and how to diffuse the situation when you're in the thick of the upset. So without further ado, here's how to handle temper tantrums in toddlers and beyond.