The 5 Best Tricks for Hanging a Gallery Wall

We're forever in love with the gallery wall. The path to mastery over the perennially Pinterest-friendly trend requires a range of skills, from color theory appreciation to frame selection expertise. As such, achieving the proper alchemy of elements is no small feat. To streamline the process, we’ve gathered a handful of our favorite spaces that nail the look. These abundantly artful abodes manage to highlight works both large and small, adeptly achieving both symmetry and balance in a way that's effortless and seamless.

So about that "effortless" look… The reality is getting to that sweet spot of unaffected cool requires a keen editor's eye for mixing and remixing. If it's your first time curating your own collection of works, our five-step plan promises to jettison you well beyond novice status. We won't tell anyone it's your first rodeo. Already a vetted pro? Get ready to level up your A-game. Here comes the play-by-play.

What is your favorite online resource for purchasing new art?