The 5 Best Tricks for Hanging a Gallery Wall

Updated 05/05/19

We're forever in love with the gallery wall. The path to mastery over the perennially Pinterest-friendly trend requires a range of skills, from color theory appreciation to frame selection expertise. As such, achieving the proper alchemy of elements is no small feat. To streamline the process, we’ve gathered a handful of our favorite spaces that nail the look. These abundantly artful abodes manage to highlight works both large and small, adeptly achieving both symmetry and balance in a way that's effortless and seamless.

So about that "effortless" look… The reality is getting to that sweet spot of unaffected cool requires a keen editor's eye for mixing and remixing. If it's your first time curating your own collection of works, our five-step plan promises to jettison you well beyond novice status. We won't tell anyone it's your first rodeo. Already a vetted pro? Get ready to level up your A-game. Here comes the play-by-play.

hang a gallery wall
Armelle Habib

Choose a palette based on complementary and split-complementary tones. Hues of a similar ilk will make mixing and matching seamless. Peppering in sparks of these shades will create a vibe that is cohesive and free-flowing. Sites like ArtSpace and 1stdibs allow you to search and filter results based on period, style, size, and color palette. 

"Blue Black Balcony" by Claire Oswalt $625

One of our favorite online resources for art, Tappan Collective, offers up an inventory of originals accessible for any price point. 

Patrick Cline for Lonny

There should exist a cohesive dialogue among pieces that incorporates scale, texture, and color. Balance out bold statement pieces with quieter voices. Richly textured art, from tapestry to oil paintings, is harmoniously accented by smoother graphic prints or a beautiful piece of china. 

"Lust Angeles" by Matt Maust $1000

Go for works with layers of depth and texture to add a pop of punk to any polished abode. 

Patrick Cline for Lonny

Choose mattes and frames that highlight the art itself without competing for attention in a larger group. If your overall look is found and eclectic, mix it up with fun vintage scores. For a sleek modern aesthetic, pair glare-proof glass with simple yet elegant monochromatic hues.

"Nacre 2" by Angelo Monserat $1000

Painterly black-and-white prints integrate movement and dimension. 

Patrick Cline for Lonny

Before your pick up the hammer, lay everything out on the floor first. This will allow you the satisfaction of editing and intermixing to your heart's content without the hassle of rehanging. Hone your focal point. If you're working around with oversize statement art, arrange smaller works around the most prominent piece.

"Bluepoint" by Elise Ferguson $400

A pop of color via a bold geometric work adds an instant refresh. 

William Waldron for Architectural Digest

We love this ingenious tip via A Beautiful Mess that suggests mocking up the gallery wall itself using butcher paper and painter's tape—they give a stellar step-by-step guide that will walk you through assembling paper cutouts to nail ultra-accurate placement. 

"Untitled" by Rosemarie Auberson $400

Quieter, subtle works provide the perfect foil to statement-making originals. Mix accordingly. 

What is your favorite online resource for purchasing new art? 


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