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5 Services that Make Gallery Wall Layout a Breeze

A living area with artwork hung salon-style on a gallery wall.

Genevieve Garruppo via Emily Henderson


Whether in an entryway, dining, or living area (or really, any space at all), we love the collected look and symmetry of artworks hung gallery-style. The install, though...well, that's another story. And if you're not that good with math, a measuring tape, or a hammer, for that matter, your walls could very well wind up looking like a block of Swiss cheese. Thankfully, these five handy options offer something for everyone: From frame and artwork procurement to DIY directions and professional help, the entire gallery wall process has never been more manageable.

West Elm Design Services

West Elm's Design Crew offers a range of design and installation services—they not only hang curtain rods and mount flat-screen televisions, but they will also install a gallery wall. If you're into the DIY route, check out their helpful step-by-step tutorial and video. And thanks to its wide selection of gallery wall-worthy frames, you can shop and schedule an install in one trip.

Three pieces of artwork hanging gallery-style.
West Elm Metal Gallery Frames - Oversized Mat $6,980.00 $1,225.00


Is a cohesive look among all your framed works more your thing? Picturewall is a wonderful option if you’re looking to display pieces in matching frames. The company sells modular framing "systems," which include everything you need to create a gallery wall—save for the artwork, a hammer, and nails. Just hang the true-to-size paper template (it indicates exactly where each frame should be placed), mark where the picture hooks go, hammer them in, and you're all set. You can even mix-and-match any set to add more pieces in any configuration. In need of artwork, too? Don't sweat it: Picturewall also offers 26 image libraries, packages of curated, pre-sized images that can be printed out and hung inside the frames you've selected.

A series of black and white photos framed in black frames hung gallery-style.
Picturewall Black 1-Inch Gallery $545.00 $495.00


When you don't have the bandwidth to search far and wide for interesting frames (or for creating the ultimate gallery wall layout), Framebridge enables you to achieve that eclectic, collected-over-time look via custom framing—without the rigmarole. From Instagram photos and baby shoes to textiles and maps, they'll basically frame anything.

You choose your frames ahead of time (single or a bundle of gallery wall frames), and then you simply upload an image to the Framebridge site and/or mail items directly (they'll even send you free packing materials for artwork). Unsure of how to make things look their best? The company offers a free Designer's Choice consult and a $99–$199 Gallery Wall Service for a custom-designed layout (plus measurements and a digital plan) tailored to your space. Frame prices range from $65 for tiny items to $209 for extra-large pieces—and it's always based on the size of the item.

Contemporary abstract art framed in a gold bamboo-style frame by Framebridge.
Framebridge Mandalay Custom Frame n/a


Hang-a-Pic, an iPad/iPhone app, is a great way to check the spacing and placement of your frames on your wall before hammering any nails. Download the app, enter the number of frames you have, their sizes, the width of your wall, and the distance you prefer to see between the frames—and the app does all the math, giving you exact locations for nail and hook placements.

An iPhone with the Hang-a-Pic app.
iTunes Hang-a-Pic $3.00

Artfully Walls

For super-convenient gallery wall creation, Artfully Walls is a one-stop shop for high-quality art prints and frames. Buy pieces individually or cop an entire curated set to create a gallery wall that's associated with a specific design style (think: traditional, Scandinavian, bohemian chic). You can also shop by room (living, dining, entry) and how much you'd like to spend. Use its convenient Wall Designer to envision how pieces look on your own walls before taking the plunge.

An abstract print framed in a pink frame by Artfully Walls.
Artfully Walls Pink Blocks by Ophelia Pang $110.00