The Only Alarm Clock Our Boss Will Wake Up To—It's Not an iPhone

Updated 09/07/18

Unless you’re naturally an early riser, waking up to an alarm is never fun—especially as winter starts to seep in. And when you think about it, being shocked awake by an irritating vibration, or blaring horn not only startles you, but also makes mornings an unpleasant experience in general. But just imagine waking up to a more pleasant experience, one that gently coaxes you out of your slumber.

Well, thanks to the recommendation from our group publisher, Alison Rice, her latest discovery: The In Essence Aroma Diffuser is an alarm clock that also releases a cool-mist filled with essential-oil particles into the air, while slowly turning on an ambient light alongside the alarm. Meanwhile, the diffuser incorporates a technology that purifies the air of unwanted germs. Heaven right? What’s also beneficial is that you can now actually implement a tech-free zone in your bedroom (no longer needing your iPhone bestie to wake up) and finally create a zen environment you've been longing for in the bedroom.

Shop the diffuser and our favourite oil below.

In Essence Aroma Diffuser with Alarm Clock (POA) Venustus: (02) 93614014

Venustus Stress Level 2 Organic Essential Oil $49

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