This Super-Popular Diet Is Likely Interrupting Your Thyroid Function

Updated 10/12/18

Thyroid conditions have become somewhat of a hot-topic in the wellness sphere as of late, and with 60,000 new cases appearing each year (according to the ABC) we're not surprised that recent advice is rising to the surface to tackle the manageable and sometimes complicated disorder. That's why we're relieved to see nutritionist and INF / Network member, Jessica Sepel reveal how she deals with her own thyroid condition on a daily basis.

For a small gland, the thyroid has a lot of say in our body's daily performance, dictating everything from energy production to metabolism throughout the body, having effects on the heart, brain, skin, bowels, and body temperature. According to Sepel, it turns out that maintenance really does come down to the holistic lifestyle of diet, exercise, and lowering stress-levels. And the popular low-carb diet could actually be doing you more than good.

Keep scrolling to see Sepel's key points.

#1 Stay away from low-carb diets & Goitrogenic foods

"Lack of carbohydrates can put stress on the thyroid as well as the adrenal glands." Sepel also suggests, limiting cauliflower, broccoli, and kale in their raw states.

#2 lower your stress levels

"High cortisol levels can reduce the conversion of T4 to T3, which is essential,” Sepel says. She also says that the pituitary gland is essential to thyroid function and stress can cause it to slow down.

#3 Get Enough sunshine

"This plays a role in immunity, and low vitamin D levels are associated with autoimmune conditions."

#4 Keep an Eye out for leaky gut syndrome

"When your gut lining is 'broken' (due to stress, a poor diet, or allergies), food fragments can escape into the bloodstream, causing the body to react with an autoimmune response. This, in turn, can lead to the rise of thyroid antibodies."

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