Throwing a Baby Shower? Read This Guide by A Celebrity Event Planner

how to throw a baby shower
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Mindy Weiss is a celebrity event planner with a roster of clients like Jessica Simpson, Nicole Richie, and Heidi Klum. She has written three best-selling books on how to plan and organize life’s biggest events, including The Baby Keepsake Book and Planner. She's provided us with a few key tips to keep in mind when hosting a baby shower.

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If this is your first time playing hostess for a baby shower, tackling the event might feel like a challenge, take a deep breath, relax, and remember to have fun with it. The truth is with the right planning, your event can go off without a hitch—and without sacrificing a good time. As with throwing any event, it’s the details that come together to make it extra special for the honoree. These five little tips can make a big difference at your shower.

When planning décor, it’s nice to ask the mom-to-be what color the nursery is and then bring those shades into the shower décor. That way, she may be able to reuse some of the items afterward in the baby’s room.

As you are coming up with ideas during the planning process, be sure to keep the mom-to-be in mind, like when deciding whether or not you should play games. Not every new mom is the type who enjoys trivia or guessing games—and that’s okay! If she does, try to craft your selection around her interests. Also, keep her in mind when considering food. What has she been craving during her pregnancy? (Or, alternatively, what has she not been throwing up?) Try a cute sign like “Enjoy some of Jenny’s cravings!” at a shower. Include items like mac and cheese, barbecue potato chips, and other fun foods that everyone enjoys.

The pile of gifts at a baby shower can be overwhelming, so plan ahead! When it comes time to open up goodies, bring the gifts to the star of the show, and designate a guest to write down who gifted each item. Opening presents can be a long process, too, so have water standing by so the honoree doesn’t get dehydrated. Try to keep her comfortable throughout the event. Make sure she isn’t on her feet all day or caught trying to lug around heavy gifts. At the end of the day, load her car for her, too.

Make sure to mention where she’s registered on the save-the-date or invite, and remember that these are the items she really needs. It’s super thoughtful to get creative, but try not to go off-list too much. Otherwise, the mother-to-be may receive a surplus of baby items she doesn’t need and then have a hard time exchanging or returning them.

Have baby photos of both Mom and her partner at the ready to be used as shower décor. I’ve even seen hosts photocopy the parents’ baby pictures then have guests cut and paste together what they think the baby will look like. This is an easy way to incorporate both parents into the shower and allow guests to do something on their own time (no buzzer involved!).

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