3 Daily Habits That Make It Harder to Get Pregnant

Whether you're actively trying to get pregnant or hope to start a family in the future, the choices you make each and every day play a vital role on your fertility. For many couples, it's not as simple as deciding they're ready to have a baby; According to Resolve, the national fertility association, one in eight couples struggle to conceive.

If you hope to get pregnant now or in the distant future, naturopath Stephen Eddey tells Body+Soul that a number of daily habits could hinder or help your chance of success. From the toxins in your home to the foods you toss in your cart, these subtle daily habits are shown to impact fertility. 

Make these simple lifestyle changes now to increase your chances of getting pregnant. 

Eating the Wrong Food

It's no secret that the food we eat impacts our overall health and well-being, but Eddey says it can also influence fertility. He recommends men stock their fridge with beetroot and Brazil nuts to increase their folate and selenium intake. 

Huffington Post reports that women should avoid a diet rich in too much red meat, refined sugar, and non-organic chicken. Instead, reach for omega-3–rich walnuts, bananas containing vitamin B6, and asparagus for folic acid. 

Forgetting to Brush Your Teeth

Forgoing the dentist doesn't only influence your oral health. Eddey says it could also impact fertility. "Poor oral hygiene affects male sperm and pregnancy can make you more prone to teeth and gum issues," he explains. Gum disease has also been linked to premature delivery and low birth weight in babies. 

Using Plastic Containers

Endocrine disruptors are believed to alter the body's normal hormonal activities, making it difficult to get pregnant. These toxins include parabens found in makeup, BPA found in plastic containers and drink bottles, and phthalates found in soaps and shampoo. Replace disposable water bottles for glass or BPA-free alternatives and check the ingredient list of everyday items like makeup and bodywash to make sure they don't contain these toxins. 

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