Do These 3 Things to Be More Influential at Work

There are many aspects that propel good workers into successful leaders, but if you had to pinpoint one quality, what would it be? There's no doubt that confidence and passion are crucial, but according to Business Insider inspiring leaders all have one thing in common: the ability to influence others. 

Why? In the workplace, the ability to persuade others instantly propels you to a position of leadership, regardless of your job title. Those who influence others have the power to move others forward and help direct the team. Their opinions count and their performance is known among their peers. In other words, it's one of the key traits that will help you transition from a diligent worker to a manager and leader. 

If you're struggling to be heard in a meeting or want to fast-track a promotion, Business Insider has rounded up the best ways to boost your influencing skills. Do these three things each day and bid bye-bye to mediocrity: 

A Harvard Business Review study suggests a worrying reason why there are more men than women in positions of power. Researchers found that 22% of women didn't apply for jobs because they "didn’t want to put myself out there if I was likely to fail," while only 13% of men shared the same view. In other words, women will only volunteer to do a task if they believe they're completely qualified, while men will relish the challenge. Gain respect from peers by leaning in to challenging day-to-day tasks. 

Those who exert influence in the workplace are skilled at using two different communication skills: communal, which is seen to be caring and receptive, and agentic, a style that is assertive and often perceived as aggressive. Focus on being self-aware and adjust your communication style to suit the occasion. 

Don't wait for formal training; those at the top of their field take their own measures to ensure they're informed and aware. Whether it's listening to an industry podcast mid-commute or subscribing to educational e-newsletters, seek to boost your knowledge every day.