How to Grow a Small Fortune With Just $500

On paper, investing money seems like a no-brainer: You put a portion of money away and let time turn that loose change into a small fortune. Why wouldn't you do it? 

Unfortunately, the reality of everyday life means that the majority of women shy away from investing their hard-earned cash. A recent study found that while 92% of women want to learn more about managing their money, almost half admit they aren't comfortable chatting to a professional to get started. We become so preoccupied with our day-to-day spending that we forget about the big picture. 

If this is your first-time investing, we've done the hard part for you. We asked the vice president and senior branch manager at Fidelity Investments, Amy Godwin, to explain exactly what you need to know to multiply your money with minimal risk, starting with $500, $5000, or more. Quit making excuses—Here's how to turn your savings into a small fortune, according to a money expert. 


Now that you're on a roll, use this budget guide to take full control of your financial future.