9 Heirloom Pieces You Can Afford Now

There’s a reason we all love a good European interior, whether it’s French, British, or Scandinavian: The continent has mastered the art of passing on family heirlooms. As a result, today’s generation of Euro decorators can effortlessly layer their homes with a mix of 18th-century antiques, midcentury designs, and trendy accents—not to mention their impeccable art collections. Meanwhile, on the other side of the pond, we live in a world of fast fashion and ready-to-assemble décor. As we readily trade hand-me-downs for the latest trendy pieces, are we missing out on the important craftsmanship and history that our European cousins have so carefully preserved?

Some experts are suggesting a return to more eclectic spaces and seamless combinations of modernism and tradition in 2016—something Europeans have excelled at for decades. Interior designer Brian McCarthy recently predicted more “layered, cultured, and eclectic combinations of architecture and design” as a top trend this year, so now’s the perfect time to redecorate accordingly. Get a head start on the trend by scoping out the timeless heirlooms you can buy now and one day pass on to your own children.