This Product Will Keep Your Produce Fresher for Longer (and It's $9 on Amazon

Updated 12/12/17
keep produce fresh

There's nothing better than preparing a homecooked meal with the freshest seasonal ingredients. However, the reality is that at least some of your thoughtfully selected fruits and vegetables end up in the garbage simply because they've gone bad before you had a chance to add them to a meal. Unless you have the time to buy produce specifically for your cooking needs each day, perishables simply won't last the week.

Luckily, there may be an alternative to throwing out a fraction of your groceries each week. You can now purchase a handy kitchen tool called Bluapple, a device designed to slow the rotting process in fruits and vegetables, Business Insider reports.

The reason your produce ripens naturally is because fruits and vegetable release ethylene gas. So when you put them in your refrigerator drawer, the gas is trapped, increasing the ripening process. Bluapple absorbs the ethylene gas, therein slowing down this process. All you have to do is keep the tool in the same space as your produce and let it do its job.

A set of Bluapple freshness balls will set you back less than $10, and one will be effective for about three months before reaching its capacity for absorbing the ethylene gas. Thankfully, you can purchase a one-year refill kit from the company to ensure you don't run out of the handy tool and that the product is reused instead of tossed into a landfill. Plus, the company calculates that the device can save the average household up to $600 a year. It's economical and environmentally friendly. Shop the Bluapple below.

Bluapple Bluapple Freshness Balls, 2 Count $9

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