How to Love Living Alone

My freshman year of college, UC Berkeley overbooked a bunch of dorm rooms. A room that was normally meant for two people had to be transformed into one that could house three people. Not everyone had to deal with this predicament, but I was one of the unlucky who had to share two closets between three women. I disliked everything about the entire experience so much that when it was time to find a home sophomore year, I wanted to live alone in a studio apartment. From the moment I found my first place—a tiny studio with a walk-in closet and Murphy bed—I loved living alone. Now, 16 years later, I am still happy to have a place to call my very own, even if it’s a rental. While I understand that living alone isn’t for everyone, if you’re thinking about ditching the roommates in favor of your own place, I say go for it! If you’re worried you’ll hate being by yourself, keep reading—here’s how to live alone and absolutely love it.

Do you live alone? What’s your secret to loving the solo lifestyle?