3 Ways to Tone Up Your Body That Don't Include Dieting

Updated 05/08/19
Half Baked Harvest

When trying to tone up, it can be easy to get enticed by fad diets that promise quick fixes. But time and time again we've noticed these strict eating plans don't pan out so well in the long run, and you're often left back at square one. If you're really looking for a sustainable approach to wellness to go hand in hand with the time you put in at the gym, there are three healthy habits to adopt that have nothing to do with dieting. MyBody+Soul recently highlighted the top diet-free ways to tone up your body.

We've spotlit our favorites here so you can kick-start your week with mindful practices that have staying power.

Meal Prep: A packed schedule has a way of encouraging poor food choices when you're looking for sustenance on the go. "These poor choices are often quick, unhealthy meals that are high in energy, saturated fat, and sodium and are unlikely to be full of vegetables and other essential whole foods," writes Sarah Moore for MyBody+Soul. Prepping nutrient-packed meals at the start of each week will not only eliminate the stress of having to work meals into your schedule but will keep you faithful to your healthy eating plan no matter how tied up you get.

Steam Cooking: Up your body's nutrient intake by steaming your foods rather than boiling or frying. According to Moore, "By steaming foods that are rich in natural vitamins and minerals, such as vegetables and fish, you are able to retain the foods' nutritional value by preserving up to 90% of antioxidants in the food item."

Healthier Drinks: While not everyone's willing to give up alcohol to see more results when toning up, setting limits and switching out your spirits are two strategies to encourage more mindful drinking. "Alternate alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic drinks like water or soda water and choose lower [calorie] drinks like red wine or vodka and soda over cocktails," says Moore.

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