Of Course Crystal Water Is Now a Thing—Here's Why You Should Try It

Updated 06/11/19
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We're already a fan of infusing water with fresh cucumbers and mint, but thanks to our friends at Well+Good, the new hydration trend is crystal-infused and we're curious to learn what it's all about. And when we say crystals, we mean, according to one 2017 Time article, "the name given to minerals (usually quartz) or fossilized resins that are believed to have beneficial health properties."

When we first heard about crystal-infused water, we weren't sure what to make of it, but were intrigued when we heard that Miranda Kerr's Kora beauty products are made with water that was "filtered through rose quartz to give the vibration of self-love." These days, people are adding gemstones to water bottles, pitchers, and dispensers with the intent to instill good vibes, wellness, and self-love (use rose quartz for that, crystal enthusiasts say). So naturally, the DIY-enthusiast in us asked, Is it possible to make crystal-infused water at home? But also, does it work, and is it safe?

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We first came across this wellness concept when we visited Mane Addicts's art director, Desirae Cherie, and found her at her office swigging from a bottle of shungite water. This rare metallic stone from Russia is said to help detoxify and cleanse the body. According to a 2013 study published in the International Journal of Advanced Scientific and Technical Research, shungite is one of Mother Nature's finest water filters. It effectively removes free radicals (the UV ray–inflicted molecules that wreak havoc on your body and skin) and up to 95% of contaminants, including "organic and chlorinated organic substances such as oil, pesticides, phenols, surfactants, dioxins and more." Encouraged by its potential wellness benefits, we spoke with the team at VitaJuwel, a stylish range of crystal water bottles and wands that make guzzling gemstone water a fashion statement, for more insight. 

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What Makes Crystal-Infused Water Different?

So what's the main difference between regular drinking water and the crystal-infused type? Everything, according to VitaJuwel USA CEO, Jan Eisen. "Most people experience a slight change in the texture of the water, compared to regular drinking water," she told MyDomaine. "It's often described as clearer and smoother. There's also an amazing difference in the taste between the various gemstone blends we offer." Institute Hagalis, an international research laboratory for the quality analyses of water, examined the difference between tap water from Ueberlingen at Lake Constance, Germany and a sample of the same water after being treated with VitaJuwel. They found a distinct improvement in water quality, neutralization of harmful substances, improvement of the pH-value and oxygen content, increase in bioavailability of minerals, and an increase in energy balance. 

In addition to drinking it, you can use crystal-infused water to make tea or revitalize your bath water.

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What Does The Science Say?

There are claims that crystal-infused water not only detoxifies the body, but that it can boost the immune system, stimulate better circulation and metabolism, and increase energy. However, the science-backed evidence to support these claims is largely lacking. "I can't find any evidence to support the claims that this kind of water promotes. It supposedly has these spiritual, mystical, healing powers, but as an R.D. who uses science as my guide for recommendations to my patients, I could not claim that water with crystals has any special benefits. The science simply doesn't support it," says Keri Gans, R.D., author of The Small Change Diet, to Shape magazine. On the other hand, Gans adds that if a beautiful, crystal-infused water bottle is what it takes to get you to drink more water (a must for proper health), then she is all for it. Writes one author in an essay about trying the Glacce crystal water bottle for Bon Appetit, "But, still, every time I sip from the bottle, I see the crystal, which reminds me that I’m trying to be calm and generous and less generally freaked out, because I decided it would."

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The Best Crystals to Make Crystal Water (or Crystal Elixirs)

A word of caution: Some gemstones can release toxic substances into the water while other crystals can be impregnated with artificial resins, so when making crystal water (also known as crystal elixirs in wellness circles) at home, be careful with the type of crystals you use. As one crystal retailer outlines in a blog post, there are some gemstones to avoid when preparing your water. "The gems, though already carefully selected, don‘t come in contact with the water," said Eisen about their VitaJuwel products. "Despite being sealed inside the glass, the gems still vitalize the water. The gempod acts like a natural prism for the crystal‘s subtle vibrations." All of this to say that if you prefer to create your own crystal water, try your best to source quality gemstones and clean them first before adding to your water. If you want to learn how to make crystal water for yourself, we recommend Hello Glow's rose quartz and aquamarine beauty water, or shop some of our favorite crystal products below.

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This post was originally published on June 11, 2016, and has since been updated.

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