How to Create a Flower Arrangement With Wow Factor

holidaybanner While we love the traditional florals of the season (we're looking at you, Poinsettia) we're opting to stray from the pack this year and introduce some new flavor to our holiday arrangements. Together with our friends at and floral expert Maurice Harris, we've created a nature-themed arrangement that's sure to be a show-stopper. Mixing hearty greens and hydrangeas, the arrangement will last up to 10 days, perfect for your holiday events and beyond. mvp-header
willow Lay the foundation of your arrangement with these curly willow branches. They offer a much more attractive alternative to the classic floral foam and are the only way to go if using a clear container. Curly Willow Branches, $10, Curious Country Creations
1 We opted for willow branches, eucalyptus, hydrangeas, and hearty green branches with plenty of leaves. 2 Place the willow in the container to create a net in which to entangle the other stems and hold them in place. 3 Establish the imperfect shape (we went for a wide arrangement) with your largest greenery. 4 Cut the woodsy stems of these branches and hearty flowers down the middle. This will help them absorb water and extend the life of your arrangement. 5 Once the basic shape is established, begin adding in an alternate greenery stem to create contrast. A random and organic mix of branches will create the most dynamic and interesting arrangement. 6 Add in the hydrangeas, making sure to also split the stems for water absorption and varying the heights so create visual interest. 7 Make sure to turn the arrangement and look at it from all sides to avoid any holes or overly dense areas. Fill in holes and rearrange as needed. For more entertaining inspiration and how-to, head to