How to Turn Your Blog Into a Business, According to Chriselle Lim

Updated 06/06/17
How to Make Money Blogging
The Chriselle Factor

Sometimes a blog is born out of a need to express oneself, and other times it simply evolves organically (and unexpectedly). But one thing is for sure: A blog doesn't automatically become a full-fledged, profitable business overnight. Just like with building a business of any kind, there's actually a ton of strategizing and planning that goes into the process. But don't worry—there are ways to make money blogging, and it starts with getting entrepreneurial. Since it's always a good idea to learn from those who have done it themselves, you'll want to take notes from the inimitable Chriselle Lim.

As the founder of fashion and lifestyle blog The Chriselle Factor, she knows how to transform a personal vision into a successful business.

While she started her blog to share her passions and exciting, aspirational lifestyle with others, she now leads a team of 10 in-house employees. Below, she gives us the full scoop on how she achieved such success and even shares a clear list of five action items to help budding bloggers navigate the process on their own. So if you have a great idea but don't know where to begin, if you're an aspiring blogger, or even if you're simply curious to learn more about this industry, tuning into Lim's video below is the best place to start.

Share your own insight, experiences, and further questions about turning a blog into a business in the comment section below.

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