A Simple Homemade Tortilla Chip Recipe You Can Make in a Pinch

how to make tortilla chips

The perfect pairing of chips and dip has a special place in most people’s hearts—the combo is tasty, comforting, and just plain delicious. Tortilla chips are one of the ultimate snacks to serve when you’re entertaining because everyone loves them, they’re filling, and they’re also on the yes list for those who have a gluten allergy (as long as you opt for corn rather than wheat-based chips). On top of that, tortilla chips can be served with salsa, various dips, and mild, medium, or spicy guacamole.

Chances are when you’re hosting, you choose to serve store-bought tortilla chips (because, really, what type of hostess needs one more thing to do?). But what if we told you that homemade tortilla chips are actually super simple to make—like kale chip easy—and they’d completely elevate your appetizer spread? Yeah, you’d think again. All you need to do is pick up your favorite store-bought tortillas, cut them, and add some spices. Then, bake or fry them in your favorite oil until they reach your desired level of crunchiness. To make it even simpler, we found three delicious homemade tortilla chip recipes—from baked to fried to flavored—to serve at your next shindig. Scroll through to see our favorite homemade tortilla chip recipes below.


how to make tortilla chipsW
What's Gaby Cooking

If you like the crispy chips you get at most Mexican restaurants, then opt for this delicious pan-fried version. The recipe calls for layering a few inches of grapeseed oil in a deep pan and allowing each piece of cut tortilla to cook for about a minute on each side.


how to make tortilla chips
Healthy Nibbles & Bits

For a healthier version, try out a tortilla chip recipe that calls for baking (no frying here!). Only four things—tortillas, olive oil, lime juice, and salt—make this simple and low-calorie treat (you probably have all the ingredients in the house, too).


how to make tortilla chips
Eat The Gains

Tortilla chips get a major flavor upgrade with the addition of cumin, garlic, and chili powder (plus, avocado oil adds a bit more flavor). In this easy recipe, all you need to do is combine the above ingredients and coat your sliced tortillas with the mixture before baking them in the oven. By the way, they’ll even stay fresh in Tupperware for up to a week. 

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