The Argument for Making Your Bed Every Day

A few weeks ago, we uncovered a scandal in a MyDomaine meeting. Here, hidden among the team of design aficionados and lifestyle experts upon whom we all depend to help us organize our desks and design our homes, are some nefarious impostors who do not make their beds in the morning. “It’s chic!” they cry. “The romantic, undone look is beautiful!” “We’re not messy,” they say. “We’re creative!” They tried to seduce us with promises of saved time and increased happiness, but friends, I am here to stand up for the side of right, and that side is beautifully making your bed every damn day.

Not just pulling up the duvet to cover your wrinkled sheets, but smoothing your beautiful Sferra linens tight over the mattress, shaking out your light summer quilt or plush down comforter (the seasonal change of bedding is its own special holiday for us bed-makers), and arranging your chosen pillows just so to add depth and texture to the final product. Happiness at home, for me, is somewhere between the snow-white perfection of a five-star hotel and the comfort of my childhood bedroom—a refuge from the demands of the world. And for me (and my soul mates out there), making my bed is where it all starts.