How to Make Your Bed Like a Hotel for a Luxurious Night's Sleep

Updated 06/30/17
how to make your bed like a hotel

One of the best parts of going on vacation is the good night’s sleep you get on the perfectly made fluffy bed (we’re getting ready for a nap just picturing it). Although, when we think about it, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy the same type of z’s at your own place if you learn how to make your bed like a hotel. Yes, a quality mattress has something to do with it, but it’s much more than that. Everything from the way you fold your sheets to the thread count of your hotel-style bedding prepares you for a state of slumber. Below, we’ve rounded up how to make your bed like the pros to ensure the best sleep of your life. Scroll through, and then rest easy.

Check your thread count

How do you make your bed like a hotel? “Start with very clean, white sheets with a high thread count,” says Sybil Pool, a spokesperson for Park Hyatt. Most boutique hotels rely on 300-count sheets or more… so you should follow suit. And if you can’t go with white sheets—you spill too much, you have kids, or you have pets—the high thread count will still make your bed luxurious.

Forgo a fitted sheet

The top hotels like the Marlton Hotel in New York City know it’s all about wrapping yourself in a quasi-cocoon to make you feel cozy. So what does this mean for your bed? Instead of using a fitted sheet, you should layer two regular sheets on the bed, tucking the sides in beginning a few inches from the top (so you can scooch yourself in-between the two without unmaking the bed).

Master the fold

It’s all about clean lines, which you achieve with the right folding technique. There are two types of folds you need to familiarize yourself with: the one for your sheets and the one for your duvet. Take the two layered sheets at the bottom of the bed, and create a 45-degree angle with them, and then firmly tuck the remaining fabric underneath them, hospital-bed style. When it comes to your duvet cover, you want a nice fold-over to show off your pillows (we’ll get to that in a bit). You want to measure an arms-width of fabric, and then “chop” across the length of the bed to achieve a proper fold.

Get rid of creases

There’s almost nothing worse than wrinkled sheets (especially since most hotel-inspired bedding is stark white and shows everything… creases included). You can steam every piece, which may take a while, or you can go with the pro way: using a spray bottle filled with tap water. Simply spray your duvet with the water, and let it sit for a minute, and then gently “shake” the wrinkles out.

Pile on the pillows

There’s something to be said about having a few extra fluffy pillows on your bed… it just makes bedtime feel special. Start by standing your largest pillows up straight in the back. and work your way out from largest to smallest dimensions. The rule of thumb is to have no more than five pillows, or your bed will look too busy (plus, it’s just enough to prop yourself up so you feel comfortable).

Do you have any go-tos for how to make your bed like a hotel? Up next: How to decorate a small place.

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